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Machines that help in maintaining high quality standards
Leak test machines are mechanical instruments that are basically used to test for leakage of liquids, vacuum and gas in various industrial components. Leak test machines detect unwanted leakages and help in improving the quality standards. Usages of leak testing machines are a common, routine and essential part of most of the industrial production, testing, quality control and research & development processes.
There are a lot of industrial sectors that produce materials that needs to be tested thoroughly for leakages for example industries that manufacture filters, valves, pipes and fittings, radiators, taps, cylinder heads, pumps, cylinder blocks, fuel tanks, oil seals, oil pans, passage choke, oil coolers, automobile silencers, gear box assemblies, engine assemblies, air conditioner systems, etc. So you see that usage of these leak testing machines is an extremely important part of production and quality control process of these companies. Some of the industrial sectors where leak test machines are used are automobile industry, engineering plants and plastic industries.
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