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Special Purpose Machines

Fully Automatic ‘0.2 mm’ Hole Inspection Machine
The function of this machine is to inspect diameter of 0.2 mm hole of the brass carburetor component precisely and segregate them in six types of trays as per readings.
To improve the productivity two components are checked simultaneously. The reading is decided by PLC analogue module after getting the feedback of electronic air pressure transducers which compare the observed back pressure with the masters.

The machine is indexing type. The various stations loading, loading confirmation with wrong orientation checking & air blow part cleaning, inspecting, unloading by multi position pneumatic drive, unloading confirmation with jig cleaning are there. Touch screen operator panel provided for easy visualization of results & testing parameters changes.
Hot Plate Welding Machine

The purpose of this machine is to weld two plastic components to ensure leak proof welding. The aluminum hot plate is heated up to desired temperature.

Two halves of the components to be welded are held into the dies. These dies & hot plate are mounted on very precise pneumatic slides. Hot plate is heated with three heaters. Thermostat is fitted in hot plate. Recalculating oil pump cooling arrangement has been provided. The sequence is controlled by PLC panel with the help of different timers & sensors.

hot plate
Fully Automatic Assembling & Pressing Machine
This machine has been designed & manufactured to assemble & press 2.0mm diameter brass pin into another brass part. To make it low cost, fast & reliable the loading of two different components has been achieved by using only one slide. Also cam operated unloading arrangement gets drive from pressing action. Load cell, PLC panel, Electronic operator safety guards, Vibratory bowl feeders have been used. The error indication has been done by the combination of four lamps.
Bubble Leak Testing Machine

The beauty of this machine is checking the assembly for bubble test leakage without putting it under water. Two assemblies are checked for leakage simultaneously. Tool less claming arrangement for fixture has been provided. Leak proof fitting has been used.
Pneumatic Presses
Pneumatic Presses

here is nothing kept pending in these presses to make them safe & sophisticated. PLC controlled panel takes care of all sequence & safety interlocks. Electronic photo guards with three side removable acrylic covers for safety of operator. Part present sensor to take care of wrong cycle if part is not present or part is already pressed. Load cell with two set points gives Ok or Not ok part lamp signal. Tool less quick change arrangement for different types of fixtures has been provided. Two coarse & fine setting arrangement has been given.
Radius Forming Machine

The function is to form accurate radius at the starting of the hole in carburetor body.
The punch rotation of manufactured pneumatic head is very accurate up to 10 microns only. The horizontal one ton force is transferred on the rigid bracket through two wedge cylinders & two pushing cylinders. Rotary brush slide takes care of cleaning the punch. Hole present confirmation is done by vertical pneumatic slide. Job clamping & location have been done by three front pneumatic cylinders. Fixture has been facilitated with setting arrangement in both directions. Job present sensor & punch broken sensors are there with PLC controlled panel.
Fully Automatic Assembling & Pressing Machine

The function of this machine is to assemble two components & press one component upto desired depth in to another component.The machine is indexing type with various stations loading, loading confirmation with orientation, wrong fitment & orientation fool proofing, wrong fitted & oriented job unloading, pressing,unloading, fixture cleaning.Two vibratory bowl feeders with tube full sensors for power saving have been used.The sequence is controlled by PLC panel with HMI.
Military Connector Assembling & Nylon Crimping Machine

The machine is very sophisticated with Servo controlled electric drive of capacity one ton. One \nylon serrated strip is assembled into military connector and then crushed it to join the outer shell with rubber insert. The round hollow punch critically manufactured for pressing has only 0.2mm wall thickness with 48HRC hardness. This punch has been designed for pressing as well as to facilitate assembling of nylon strip also.
vaccume arrow
Vacuum Piston Movement Checking Machine

The Function of this machine is to check the positive movement of Carburetor Piston for three times applying vacuum & positive air presure. There is combination of floating guided pneumatic clamp, guided pneumatic sealing arrangement & OK marking cylinder.Two fiber optic sensors sense up & down position of piston. The cycle is controlled by PLC controlled panel.
  leak test machine
Leak Test Machine

The function of this machine is to check leakage permitted within band with the help of Air Gauge. This is fully pneumatic operated machine with pneumatic limit switch, or gate valves, pilot operated direction control valves, time delay valves etc. For sealing & test air purpose Air Picker (air operated balloon for sealing with inside hole for test air) has been mounted on moving arm which is actuated by lead cam with the help of pneumatic cylinder.
Hydraulic Panel Assembly Fixture

The hydraulic operated fixture provides facility for holding & assembling the heavy (800kg.) electrical elements on panel plate from both top & bottom sides. The fixture arm rotates by 180 degree to make the panel plate up side down. This is achieved by the actuation of hydraulic cylinder in combination with rack & pinion. Floating toggle clamps have been provided on the arms for panel plate clamping. The distance between arms is also adjustable according size of panel plates.
Electrical Circuit Breaker Endurance Testing Machine

In this machine, electrical circuit breaker is tested for endurance by charging oscillating the arm by pneumatic cylinder) 10 times & repeating this cycle for 50 times.

Changed up & down positions of stickers because of charging is sensed by color photo sensor. On & off buttons are pressed by two pneumatic cylinders as per sequence. The sequence is controlled by standalone PLC Panel.
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