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The term "Indexing Table" is referred to a revolving mechanical tool having scales in different degrees. There may be small auxiliary graduated scales as a part of the main larger scales. Indexing tables are generally to index metal machineries at regular interval. These indexed parts or elements are later used in various engineering procedures.
Features and Functioning
Although the basic job of an indexing table is to index a metal at regular intervals, there are a lot of indexing tables available in the market with various special features like programmable logic controls, easy user interface, shot pin finder, mechanical universal self centering chucks. Indexing tables can be installed either vertically or horizontally (or any other angle if needed). Setting up an indexing table is quick and easy. Most of the indexing tables come with automatic load and unload facility, which makes operating them even easier. Indexing tables are capable of performing indexing operation on various sides of it, simultaneously. This is very advantageous especially for big manufacturing units.
Types of indexing tables
Although there are many types of indexing tables available in the market suitable for various needs of users, some of them are automatic vertical indexing tables, hydraulic indexing tables, hydraulic vertical indexing table, and hydraulic horizontal indexing table. Some of the hydraulic indexing tables offer features like high positioning accuracy, use of high precision 3pcs hirth coupling etc
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