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Indexing Table

The Hirth Coupling design offers the highest clamping torque and position accuracy. The design of the table incorporates a three piece Hirth Coupling which allows fast and accurate indexing with no lifting of the faceplate itself.
Specifications :
bullete Maximum permissible mass moment of inertia loading:5.0 kg/
bullete Indexing time: 0.61 sec
bullete Dial plate diameter : 220mm
bullete Direction of rotation : Clockwise/ Counter Clockwise
bullete Number of indexing : 8 or 12
bullete Cycle frequency : 200
bullete Drive motor : 3 phase, 50 Hz, 0.25 HP, Size-63, with brake 24V/230V
bullete Indexing accuracy: ± 2"
bullete Maximum flatness of dial : 0.01 mm
bullete Maximum run out : 0.01 mm
bullete Maximum plane parallelism of plate surface In relation with the housing surface : 0.03 mm
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