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Leak Test Machine

Advantages :-
bullete  Minute leakage can be detected
bullete Fast testing
bullete Accurate & Consistent results
bullete Dry testing
bullete No damage of component
bullete Quantifiable results
bullete Two set points – OK / Not OK
Applications :-
bullete Automotive components
bullete Engine assembly
bullete Brake Systems
bullete Carburetor
bullete Transmission assembly
bullete Cylinder blocks
bullete Pumps & Valves
bullete Electrical instruments
Types of Leak Testing Methods :-
bullete Pressure Decay
bullete Tracer Gas
bullete Bubble Test without under water testing
Testing Cycle :-
bullete Charging / Evacuation
bullete Stabilization
bullete Detection
bullete Exhaust
We provide solutions for leak testing of any casting/ moulding components, sealed assemblies of automobile, pharmaceutical & medical, electrical & electronics or any general engineering sectors. There are different methods from simple bubble test to highly accurate air decay or helium gas tracer methods available for checking leakage. This testing can be done semi automatic or fully automatic. The holding fixture & sealing arrangement is designed & manufactured as per component.
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