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Universal Pneumatic Presses

bullete Compact Manufactured Cylinder
bullete Micromatic Stroke adjustment
bullete Head Up & Down Movement arrangment
bullete Operator Panel with Auto/Manual mode
bullete Foot Switch
bullete Robust Box Type Construction
bullete “C” Shape to accomodate big components
PSUP50 0.5
PSUP100 1.0
Pneumatic Presses are also
available in Special Design :
- 2 Pillar
- 4 Pillar
- Fabricated Bracket
- Piston Rod Antirotation
- Guided Platen
bullete Anti-tie 2 hand cycle start push buttons
bullete Toolings /Fixture as per component
bullete Job counter
bullete Input air pressure switch
bullete PLC controlled Panel
bullete Load Cell
bullete Electronic Operator Safety Photo Guards
bullete Machine lamp
bullete With extra shut height & throat depth
bullete Machine Table
bullete Job Sensor
bullete Ram Up Non Return Valve
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