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Riveting Machines

Riventing machines are basically used to join two equipments together. The process is achieved by setting or squeezing a rivet through materials and forming it in the desired shape.

Earlier, traditional manual Riventing method used a hammer and a forming tool, known as "PEEN". However now modern Riventing machines are more popularly used that are much faster and sophisticated. Moreover these machines not only improve the quality of job, but also help increase productivity.
Orbital Riventing
Riventing machines can be broadly classified into two types. One is Impact Riventing and the second is Orbital Riventing. In case of orbital Riventing machines, the forming tool called "PEEN" slowly pushes the rivet, spreading the material in desired shape and length. One of the best things about using orbital Riventing machines is that, operator has a complete control over the process. The time taken for every trade off cycle in case of orbital Riventing machines may range from 2 to 3 seconds, which is a bit higher as compared to time taken by impact Riventing machines.
Advantages of Orbital Riventing
One of the biggest advantages of orbital Riventing is its versatility in cold forming.
Other advantages include:
Lesser noise.
Microphotographs have shown that orbital Riventing does not disorder the molecular composition of the       material, in fact     strengthens the head, as it is formed, hence eliminates chances of material damage.
Long tool life.
Easy to operate by skilled or unskilled workers.
Development of science and civilization has tremendously increased the use of orbital Riventing machines in these modern days. Use of orbital Riventing machines in developing countries like India and China can be prominently seen in many aspects of industrial development. Some of the areas where orbital Riventing is used are vehicle and aviation industry, locomotive industry, textile and leather industry. It is also used in making metal brackets, windows and door furniture and surprisingly in mobile phones now-a-days.
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