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bullete Anti-tie 2 hand cycle start push
bullete Fixture as per component
bullete Job counter
bullete Input air pressure switch
bullete PLC controlled Panel
bullete Machine lamp
bullete With extra shut height & throat depth
Possible Rivet Profile

Riveting Machines

Cold forming process in which tool held at a fixed angle is used to progressively move malleable material into desired predetermined shape.
bullete Smooth & crack free surface finish
bullete Smaller press can be used compared to impact press
bullete Rivet and mating parts experienced less internal stress
bullete Setting facility for quality riveting
bullete Different types of forming heads possible
bullete Long tool life
bullete Safe & consistent operation
bullete Less Maintenance
bullete Cost saving
bullete Easy to operate
bullete Less noise during forming
Riveting Machine Models:
Capacity M.S. (mm) 5.0 8.0 12.0
Cycle Time (adjustable) 0.5-10 sec 0.5-10 sec 05-10 sec
Stroke (Total adjustable) 30 30 30
Air Pressure (Bar) 4-6 4-6 4-6
Overall Dimensions(mm) 215x390x850 235x435x950 300x480x1090
bullete Compact cylinder
bullete Operator panel with auto/manual mode
bullete Micromatic Stroke adjustment
bullete Foot switch
bullete Head Up & Down movement arrangment 
bullete Robust Base & Frame Construction
bullete Automobile parts
bullete Electrical components
bullete Furniture items
bullete Toys
bullete Home appliances
bullete Switch gears
bullete Medical equipment
bullete Locks
bullete Automobile clutch & brakes
bullete Sheet metal components
bullete Hinges
About Riveting Process:
Orbital forming is a cold forming process in which an orbiting tool held at a fixed angel (typically 3 to 6 degrees) is used to progressively move malleable material into a desired predetermined shape. Orbital forming is used to head swage, crown, flare or draw a column or projection of malleable material and is used most often in fastening and assembly to produce a high quality head form- to rivet without disruption of component material grain structure. While similar in nature to impact or compression forming and riveting in that a compressive axial load is applied to the part being formed, the axial load is greatly reduced due to the mechanical advantage of the angular orbiting tool and progressive forming action. The axial load required for forming is reduced up to 80% with orbital forming due to this mechanical advantage.
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