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The term "Rotary Table" or "Rotary Indexing Table" refers to the machinery that is a part of many industrial production processes. Rotary indexing tables are used to index elements and parts of machinery (usually a metal) at regular intervals. The components indexed, can later be used or assembled in various other engineering procedures. Rotary indexing tables are used to pierce or cut a (metal) work in regular increments through a pre-determined axis that is either horizontal or vertical. Although few rotary tables make use of indexing plates for indexing procedures, there are some rotary tables that make use of dividing plates. Dividing plates allow positioning in a fixed order at divisions. However indexing plates for this kind of rotary tables are not available.
Components and functioning
Some of the common components of a regular rotary indexing table include a rounded steel plate, one or more than one spindles, a drive system and pins. The main function of pins is to hold all the components of a rotary indexing table together. The rotary table halts for a fixed duration after completion of every revolution, during the process, so that the specified work can be done at every station. The load capacity and accuracy of rotary indexing tables depends on bearings that support the table. Rotary indexing tables are usually powered by pneumatic or electric motors, hydraulic drives and manual actuation. The drive system is positioned at the top, bottom, back or to the sides of the rotary indexing table surface. Pneumatic rotary indexing tables are ideal for small or medium loads, where as electric powered rotary indexing tables are quicker and are able to handle more loads.
Hirth Mechanism
While some rotary tables use shot pin to keep in position, some use cam or roller assembly and some use hirth rings. Rotary indexing table with hirth mechanism helps in more consistent and accurate functioning of the table.
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